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Students from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology visit several ACCIONA projects in Catalonia

Transport4 May 2023

More than 70 civil engineering students from this prestigious university visited three ACCIONA´s ...

ACCIONA win international award for E6 innovation

Transport18 Nov 2022

The company received the “Special Recognition” award during the TEKLA Global BIM 2022 Awards.

Sandbukta - Moss - Såstad: Innovation contributes to better concrete quality, reduced loss and lower emissions

Transport11 Oct 2022

Concrete production leads to high greenhouse gas emissions but is essential for the construction ...

Mossia ANS is now continuing the work of completing the double track railway

Transport6 Sep 2022

The work, which was scheduled to take 10 months, was completed in just six weeks

Breakthrough in the Hell tunnel

Transport10 Aug 2022

Nye Veier and ACCIONA today marked the breakthrough in the new 3.9-kilometer-long Hell Tunnel. Th...