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A-376 Divided Highway: Seville-Utrera

In this project, each carriageway is 7 m wide, with an outer lane of 2.5 m, an inside stretch of 1 m, an emergency lane of 0.5 m and a 10 m median strip.  

The section has nine 1,800 mm cross drainage works, fifteen at 600 mm, a 400 mm sewer 10.7 km in length, and 21 km of lined gutters. The volumes of earthworks are distributed as follows: 390,000 m3 excavation, 150,000 m3 fill, 520,000 mborrowed fill. The section has an underpass and a junction at the end of the section with the intersection of SE/425 made up of a two-span overpass with a pre-stressed deck and two roundabouts with entry and exit lanes to the main road.

As additional works and as an alternative layout, the replacement of the Huesna Consortium water conduit, encased in a 900-diameter steel casing, was included. A total of 9 sections of private electrical lines were replaced, as well as medium-voltage lines, overhead and fibre optic telephone lines and a junction with a high-speed line. A natural gas pipeline and a CLH oil pipeline also cross the site.

As corrective environmental measures, the project included noise barriers, topsoil on embankments and transplantation of olive trees. The enclosure consisted of chain-link wire-mesh fencing with 2 m high livestock fencing outside the service roads. Vertical and horizontal signposting and drovers' road and property boundary posts.

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Seville, Spain
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Highway in an alternate layout with a length of 5,578 m. Each carriageway is 7 m wide with a 2.5 m outside lane, a 1 m inside stretch and 0.5 m berms. The median is 10 m wide. The pavement for T1 traffic consists of 120 cm of S3 selected soil (300,000 m3), 28 cm of artificial aggregate (70,000 m3), and 26 cm of agglomerate (80,000 t).
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